Saturday, January 30, 2010

Foam Rose tutorial

1.Draw a diagram of heart shape petal into 2 inches box.

2.Cut it with scissor.
3. place on foam sheets and transfer petal shape on it.

4. cut petal finely with scissor.

5. heat up iron at low and place on petal just for few seconds.

6. immediately curve the upper part of petal in opposite side.

7. then make depth at the center of petal with thumbs.

8. petals would look like in this shape.

9. take any wood bond and a bottle of dropper.

10. fill more then half dropper with wood bond.

11. pour about half teaspoon of petrol in dropper.

12. put nozzle on dropper.

13. shake it well.

14. cut a stripe of foam and a wire.

15. apply wood bond on foam stripe and on wire. After applying of bond leave it for ten to twelve minutes to dry completely.

16. slightly pull the stripe and wrap around the wire

17. make hook at one end of wire and apply wood bond on it.

18. apply bond at the bottom and edges of petal's front.

19. cover half petal with wood bond.

20. place wrapped wire at petal and roll it.

21. attache three petals around it.

22. attache five petals more.

23. it will look like this.

24. draw a diagram of calyx, cut it and transfer on foam sheet. Finely cut with scissor.

25. heat up iron at low and place on calyx and corners will rise up.

26. pass calyx through wrapped wire and apply some bond on, again let it dry and stick on the back of rose.

27. draw a leaf diagram, cut and transfer on foam sheet, use zigzag scissor for leaf.

28. give heat with iron and immediately place on leaf veiner, press it and then slightly tilt it.

29. apply wood bond at the edge of leaf and attache with wire.

30. this is the final look. you can arrange these roses on wreath or in vases.